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Port of San Francisco, CA

Called one of the great natural harbors in the world, alongside places like New York and Sydney, Australia, the Port of San Francisco is a sprawling series of ports, harbors, and docks stretching the length of the San Francisco shoreline. Consisting of several distinct districts and areas such as Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39, and the Ferry Building, the Port of San Francisco is one of the most frequently-traveled – and most recognizable – ports in both America and the greater Pacific Coast.

San Francisco Fishing & Industry

One of the most popular uses for the Port of San Francisco is for fishing, both for leisure and commercial purposes. An entire section of the Port is referred to as Fisherman’s Wharf, named for the influx of fishermen set up shop along the Port to sell locally-caught delicacies during the Gold Rush, which still serves as the home for a great deal of commercial fishing ventures despite the area’s rebranding into a tourist site/shopping center. Further commercial uses of the Port stem from the location’s importing, exporting, and towing businesses, such as Pacific Crating & Shipping, Aris Moving, International Shipping, Vessel Assist, and others.

San Francisco Cruise Lines & Cruise Ships

The Port also features an entire pier devoted to serving as a cruise line terminal. This terminal serves as the home port for a number of major vessels and even entire cruise lines. Over 200,000 passengers disembark from the Port of San Francisco cruise line terminal every year, and major cruise ships like the Star Princess, the Queen Mary 2, and the Princess Cruise Grand Princess call San Francisco their home port.

San Francisco Boating Accidents & Harbor Traffic

With all this traffic and business, maritime accidents and maritime injuries are a common reality on the waters surrounding San Francisco. Collisions between smaller passenger boats and larger commercial vessels are a common source of boat accidents in San Francisco and the ever-present hazards of the fishing and shipping industries frequently result in illness or injury on the water. Recent boating accidents in San Francisco have involved collisions between personal watercraft, collisions between personal watercraft and commercial vessels, and even collisions between personal watercraft and local wildlife (such as whales). If you have been in a boat accident, gotten hurt, or fallen ill while working on the water in San Francisco, or anywhere else in California like Los Angeles or San Diego, you need O’Bryan Law.

San Francisco, California Maritime Attorneys

The tough and knowledgeable Jones Act lawyers at O’Bryan Law have earned millions for injured and sick seamen and boaters just like you. We have the experience you need to navigate the complicated waters of American maritime law and get you the compensation you deserve for your injury and hardships. Contact us today and find out what we can do for you.

*Dennis M. O’Bryan is admitted to practice before the Federal District Court in San Francisco.