Slip and Fall

A male worker wearing work boots in a warehouse walking into a liquid spill on the floor.

Maritime Slip & Fall Injuries

Out of all the hazards present in working on a vessel, slip and fall injuries may be among the most common – and most dangerous.

The conditions involved in working on the water can make a slip and fall injury (also referred to as a trip and fall injury) a nearly daily risk. The constant presence of water, itself a tripping hazard, combined with the rough weather, rocky conditions, and movement of a vessel all combine to make slip & fall injuries tragically common on the water.

And not only are these injuries common, they can be permanent and life-changing in many ways. The ever present risk of a slip and fall accident can lead to a number of injuries, ranging from the inconvenient to the permanently debilitating – or even fatal.


Maritime Slip & Fall Injury Types

Slip and fall injuries while working on a vessel, oil rig, or other seabound workplace can take a number of forms, including (but not limited to):

No matter how serious they may or may not seem, these injuries resulting from trip and fall accidents can easily lead to a loss of ability to earn income, as well as a great decline in overall quality of life – and in many cases they could’ve been prevented.


Maritime Slip & Fall Injury Causes

Slip and fall injuries or trip and fall injuries on the water can seemingly come from anywhere, and can happen at any time – particularly if the vessel’s owner is not careful and attentive in regards to eliminating potential hazards, such as:

  • Unfastened cargo
  • Loose ropes
  • Puddles or spills
  • Lack of non-skid surfaces (or damaged non-skid surfaces)
  • Missing or damaged safety railings
  • Improperly secured equipment
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Improperly marked tripping hazards

among others. No amount of safety training can remove the risk that a negligent vessel owner provides, and many slip and fall injuries are the direct result of this negligence.


What Can I Do If I Suffer A Slip & Fall Injury On The Water?

Whether working, playing, or simply relaxing on the water, if you’ve been the victim of a slip and fall injury due to another’s negligence, you need the maritime lawyers of O’Bryan Law. Contact O’Bryan Law today to begin reviewing the details of your case, and we can help you fight for justice.