Rivermen Lawyer

The seemingly endless number of navigable waterways through the United States have led to an increase in the amount of commercial vessels and workers traveling these waters. Rivermen, also known as brown water seamen or towboat workers, are among the most commonly-seen workers in American waterways.


These workers work on towboats designed to tow or push any vessel that’s constructed to perform best in rivers and/or inland waters. These types of vessels are generally not suitable for ocean operations due to the flatter design of their hull, and frequently require the assistance of rivermen working onboard towing boats, barges, and other similar vessels.
But with as busy as the rivers of America can be, they see a lot more traffic than just towboats. Barges, supply boats, river dredges, casino boats, and more all pass through the rivers and lakes of America every day. With this amount of travelers and workers all competing for the same space, accidents are an unfortunately common sight, and the injuries that result can be serious or even life-threatening. However, you are still eligible to be compensated for any injuries suffered while working on the water.

If I Am Injured While Working As A Riverman, What Can I Do?

What you do, and who you speak to, after an injury on the water can be the difference between receiving a fair and just settlement and potentially getting nothing at all. By contacting an experienced maritime injury attorney like O’Bryan Law, you can fight for your rights under the Jones Act and get the justice and compensation you deserve.


Here at O’Bryan Baun Karamanian, our focus is fully on maritime law – not just partially like the other ‘personal injury’ lawyers out there. Our attorneys have proved time and time again that with the proper representation you can stand up to even the biggest shipowners and businessmen who will try to stop you from getting the compensation you deserve. At O’Bryan Law, our goal is always to get you the compensation you’re entitled to by law, no matter what the bigwigs and fat cats try to do to stop you.
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