Oil Rig Injury Lawyer

Oil rigs can be among some of the most dangerous workplaces in America. Harsh seas, dangerous weather conditions, and a high risk of accident while working with hazardous machinery and substances all combine to make oil rig accidents, injuries, and even fatalities a sadly common reality. If you’ve been the victim of one of these accidents or injuries, there’s a good chance you’re entitled to financial compensation – and that means you need O’Bryan Law. With decades of experience as maritime injury lawyers fighting on behalf of oil rig employees under maritime law, O’Bryan is the only oil rig injury attorney you’ll ever need.

Are Oil Rig Injuries Covered By Maritime Law?

shutterstock_124714042Even while there are no official legal certifications for it, oil rig law and maritime law, which is closely related, are distinct legal practices with their own complications and requirements. O’Bryan Law has been a practicing maritime law and
Jones Act attorney for decades, and we specialize in maritime injury, longshore worker, and oil rig injury cases the same way that a tax lawyer would specialize in certain aspects of tax law.

What Are Some Of The Most Common Oil Rig Injuries?

The hours are long, the tasks are difficult, and the equipment is dangerous. With conditions like that, it’s no surprise how many injuries can arise from working onboard an oil rig. The sort of risks you encounter onboard an oil rig are almost too many to mention, but among the most common include:

  • Chemical poisonings
  • Burns
  • Head, brain and spinal cord injuries
  • Toxic fume inhalation
  • Amputations

and many more. These injuries can prove to be life-altering in their own ways, and even fatal in many cases.

What Can I Do If I Am Injured Working On An Oil Rig?

If you work on an oil rig, your injuries are covered under the Jones Act for potential financial compensation. In the event of an injury, after receiving treatment make sure to contact a maritime injury lawyer before you speak to your employer. In too many cases, the holding company of an oil rig will attempt to contact you to get you to take an insultingly low settlement to prevent court actions. Don’t fall for the big company’s schemes and tricks. Contact O’Bryan Law and let us fight for justice on your behalf. We’ve got decades of skills and experience backing us up, and our loyalties are always with the worker, never with the corporation.