Electrical Injuries

Close up of young electrician cutting wire with cutter.


Maritime Electrocution Injuries

While electrical injuries can be dangerous anywhere, the hazardous environments present in maritime work can make them doubly so.

The complex systems onboard most vessels, including navigation, communications, and even run-of-the-mill lighting, involve intricate wiring and high-voltage systems needed to make sure the vessel can function as intended. These systems, however, can pose a massive risk of electrical injury – or even death in many cases – if not properly maintained or operated, and it’s a risk posed to nearly everyone onboard.


Causes of Maritime Electrical Injuries

The chances of encountering an electrical injury onboard a vessel are higher than you may think, and the risks can be increased by an employer’s failure to provide supervision or adequately train employees  or neglecting proper maintenance aboard a vessel. A few of the more common causes include:

  • Exposed high-voltage electrical wire – when shocked by a sufficient amount of electricity, you may actually be unable to let go of the wire and cause further harm to yourself
  • Exposed electrical panels or other components on critical systems – an exposed power supply for a communications system, for example:
    • Stripped power cables for needed onboard tools and equipment
    • Damaged or exposed fuse boxes
  • Gases being ignited by faulty electrical equipment (generating sparks or other electrical hazards), leading to explosions or fire
  • Lack of grounded fault protection in electrical outlets

These hazards are but a few among the many common causes of electrical injury in maritime work. Many of these hazards are caused by lack of maintenance, improper training, or other negligence on the part of the vessel’s owner or the company in charge of the vessel, which can increase the risk of injury to the ship’s crew and/or passengers.


Common Symptoms of Electrical Injuries

Electrical injuries can take many forms and have many different effects on the human body, nearly all of them dangerous – and many of them fatal. A few common symptoms of electrocution injuries include:

  • Falls from contact with high-voltage wiring
  • Partial, temporary, or complete paralysis
  • Burn injuries, either from direct contact with the source of electricity or from flames/explosions caused by errant sparks
  • Electrical shock, causing tissue damage, paralysis, and other lingering injuries
  • Full electrocution, often leading to death or disfigurement

While electrical injuries can take many forms, they are always dangerous – and quite often fatal.


What Can I Do If I Have Suffered an Electrical Injury At Work?

If you or a loved one have been injured or killed by electricity while working on the water, you need the electrical injury maritime lawyers of O’Bryan Law.O’Bryan Law can help work to determine the cause of your injury, if the injury was brought about by negligence, we can help you fight for the justice and financial compensation you deserve. Contact O’Bryan Law today, and we can begin reviewing the facts of your case.