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Working on the sea can be a hazardous profession full of single-minded shipowners and dangerous waters, and sometimes it can feel like nobody has your back.

With the emblem of the O’Bryan Law Mystic Knights of the Sea at your side – or on your face – your crew will know they’ve got the hardworking defenders of O’Bryan Law looking out for their rights out there on the waters of America – and beyond.

To keep your crew safe, looking their best, and confident that the Mystic Knights have your back, we now offer both graphic t-shirts AND custom-printed face masks with our Mystic Knights design, renowned throughout the waters of North America and points abroad.

Individual shipments of T-Shirts or masks, without charge, is cost prohibitive; however, if ten or more crew members want a free LAWMAN T-Shirt, face mask, or both, this is the drill. Crew members desirous of this fine apparel and reading material just have to log the names of your crewmembers, the name of your company, and the name of your vessel in the form below and the shirts will be shipped to the designated person, FREE! If you want an individual T-Shirt sent, send in $5.00 for postage and processing costs. If your vessel’s crew is less than 10, the ten-person requirement will be waived.

Due to a large number of requests, we are no longer accepting web forms for free shirts and masks. Please call our firm to request swag for you and your shipmates. Sailors only please!

SAILORS TAKE WARNING! Don’t spoil this freebee by sending your name in on more than one list every six months – we wouldn’t want to have to cut you off from the swag. If you would like to download the PDF and fill it out, you can download it here.