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Port of San Diego

Ranked as one of America’s top 30 containership ports and bringing in nearly 2,873,613 tons of cargo per year, the Port of San Diego is one of America’s biggest and most widely-used ports for commercial traffic, international trade, pleasure boating, and more. Consisting of two large terminals located just outside of downtown San Diego, businesses ranging from automotive importers to multi-national cruise lines to locally-owned businesses like San Diego Towing & MRN Service and Pacific Tugboat Service call the Port home and contribute to its success as a major factor in American importing and exporting.

The strategic location of the Port of San Diego – right on the shores of San Diego Bay and some 96 nautical miles southeast of the Port of Los Angeles – has led to several major businesses and industries choosing to exclusively import or export through the Port. Many major foreign automobile manufacturers such as Honda/Acura, Nissan, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, and Hino Motors use the Port as their primary port of entry into America, particularly for those manufacturers that have American plants and maintenance facilities. The Port also holds an exclusive 20-year lease with Dole Food Company, and as a result, much of the country’s imported fruit shipments will pass through the Port of San Diego on their way to store shelves.

San Diego Cruise Ship Attorney

Cruise ships are a vital part of San Diego’s maritime activities and economy as well. Several major cruise lines use the Port as their main home port, such as Carnival, Celebrity Cruises, Disney Cruise Line, and Royal Caribbean, with many other lines using San Diego as a port-of-call or a home port during the winter seasons. The inviting weather and conditions of the Port have also led to an influx of sightseeing tours and pleasure boating operations as well, some leading down to Mexico and back.

With the continued popularity of cruise lines, however, the risk of accidents and illness onboard these vessels has increased as well. If you’ve been hurt or fallen ill while trying to enjoy your time aboard a cruise ship leaving from or heading to San Diego, O’Bryan Law can help.

San Diego Boating Injuries & Maritime Accidents

Any port with as much traffic as San Diego sees is bound to have its share of boating accidents and offshore injuries, many of which can lead to more tragic consequences. Recent accidents in and around the waters of San Diego involve a woman being injured by a waterskier’s tow rope in a high-traffic area, collisions between boats and jetskis, and the capsizing of a major cargo vessel. Other accidents and injuries can be attributed to the amount of traffic in the waterways, improperly used docking or loading equipment, or even an outbreak of illness on board a cruise ship.

San Diego Maritime Lawyers

If you’ve been in a boat accident in San Diego, or have been injured or gotten sick while working or relaxing on the water, the experienced maritime injury lawyers at O’Bryan Law will fight for you. We’ve recovered millions for injured seamen or boaters just like you, and we have the Jones Act knowledge needed to understand the complexity of maritime law to bring you justice.

Contact O’Bryan Law today and let us fight for your rights on the water, no matter where you are.

*Dennis M. O’Bryan is enrolled to practice before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which hears appeals from the federal district courts of California. He is also admitted to practice before the Northern District of California, which has venue in admiralty for the whole State of California. In those federal district courts in which he is not generally admitted to practice, such as in San Diego, he gains admission pro hac vice, on a case by case basis, by securing the sponsorship of a reputable local attorney. He is a member of the State Bar of Michigan, where his office is located.