Jet Ski Injuries Lawyer

Jet skis: a commonly seen recreational vehicle on American waterways, simple to operate and easy to enjoy safely. And yet, for as simple as these recreational devices are, the maritime laws surrounding jet skis can be surprisingly complex. Man on jet ski in sunset

In a jet ski accident, liability can be difficult to determine and may work against you in court even if you don’t feel like the accident was your fault. For example, the same limitation of liability law that applies to giant supertankers could be thrown up as a defense in a case involving jet skis, no matter how much size or weight difference there is between the two vehicles. If you were just renting a jet ski, this can come into play too – many rental companies will force you to sign a liability waiver stating you will not hold the company involved responsible should be involved in an accident, or injured while using the vehicle.

Suffice it to say, if you were involved with any kind of jet ski accident or injury on the water, you’re going to need a tough and seasoned maritime injury lawyer to grapple with this legal quagmire and help keep you from getting lost at sea. Contact O’Bryan Law today to get a free case review and let us help you fight for justice.