Dennis O'Bryan has been Practicing Law since the 80's. He's not new to this wicked game and hes a Straight Shooter. Rare find in the Attorney Business. Dennis took my Case and he was the right man for the job. He is a Superior Attorney. Respectfully,

Clarence Bodenstein

Gary and the firm went out on a limb and took a case that no one else would. They got results. They know their stuff. One wouldn’t hire a young lawyer whom hasn’t been in the trenches per say, you would want to hire the best of the best whom have been thru it all. Hand down Gary and the O’Bryan law firm are the best of the best. They are truly the Mystical Knights of the Sea



I don't like lawyers as a general rule. Working with the O'Bryan group has made me re-evaluate that core belief of mine. My association with them has been overall pleasant, effective and rewarding. The intricacies of my suit had every lawyer I contacted refusing to engage because easy money was not flowing like honey. This bunch, in spite of its lack of high rewards and minimum expenditure of labor dove into my suit to make right out of wrongful shipowners actions. I admired their tenacity, frugality , and spirit. I would never hesitate to call on them again or recommend their services to other sailors that are outgunned by shipowners. Bringing justice is their focus.

See you "down the line"! Willy Nye


Thank you. You are awesome. Vance and I appreciate the huge effort that you put into getting us a settlement.




I've been running around like a blue-arsed fly, as well as having a few weeks drawing boats at our cabin in Nova Scotia, but I've been thinking about my gratitude to you and Woody all along.

It's hard to forget what you did for Woody and for me and for Jared. I really appreciate people who communicate while working with others. You sent HUNDREDS of pertinent communications in the 4 or 5 months you took, in two (or more) states to resolve this cleanly, accurately and efficiently, and without acrimony. I would say that we all think this was a great example of calm & clear professionalism.

I think about it often, and am very grateful for your fine work and for Tim's confidence in putting the fees up front and refusing my offers to contribute. He also did this while in dire health.

I have two great people to admire and aspire to!



I want to thank you for representing me in my case against two Powerful Insurance Companies. Having you on my side was incredibly reassuring. Your guidance and legal expertise were priceless, and I appreciate you, both professionally and personally, from the bottom of my heart. I know that you are driven by principle and by your sense of fairness and justice-virtues which make you the best at what you do.

I never once felt stressed during the process of pursuing the case, only confidence and a shared sense of being on the right side. You and your staff are truly remarkable.

I was truly impressed by your commitment to your clients, thank you again.

Ramzi Y

Dear Mr. Karamanian

I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic job you did with my case. I appreciate all the help, support and professionalism you displayed while working to achieve an extremely favorable outcome for me and my family. There were many complex issues involved with my case that you not only handled expertly, but also explained to me in a way that was easy to understand. I always felt confident in your abilities and fortunate to have you representing me. Thank you again.

Ibrahim Kobeissi


My wife and I would like to thank you for working with us and putting up with Me through a difficult time it has been a pleasure working with you also can you email me a copy of my fees if not trouble so I can see where we stand sincerely.


I retained the services of the O’Bryan Baun Karamanian Law firm to represent me in a case that occurred in 2010. I am a merchant seaman; their specialty is Maritime Law so it seemed a good choice. From the moment I phoned them for the initial free consultation, I knew I had made the right choice in choosing this firm to represent me. Mr. Kirk Karamanian was assigned my case and I had the privilege of working with him over the next two years. Kirk was always helpful in guiding me through the obstacles and nuances of our legal system. He always had answers for my questions and was very knowledgeable and always straightforward whenever I spoke with him. His professional excellence truly shined and stood out prominently when our case finally went to jury trial in court. Kirk presented my case and as far as I’m concerned; blew the defense and their attorneys out of the water. Kirk was much more prepared to present our case than the defense and it showed when the jury rendered their verdict. What I wanted the most when I filed my case was to have my day in court with the company that wronged me regardless of the outcome…… Kirk Karamanian saw to it that I had my day in court to tell my side, and let the jury decide. In my opinion the O’Bryan Baun Karamanian law firm is a top notch outfit dedicated to serving their clients. Everyone that I interacted with there always exemplified professionalism whether it was the receptionist who took my phone calls or greeted me at the front desk, Mr. O’bryan when I spoke with him in the initial consultation, and Mr. Karamanian as we worked together for the next two years….. Top notch professionals! If you find yourself in need of a law firm to represent you, I highly recommend you hire them and you’ll have put yourself in excellent hands. Thanks again for MY day in court!!!

Jeffrey P. Northern Michigan

Mr. Karamanian is an outstanding attorney. He is very thorough, helpful and responsive, and is always available for his clients. I had great trust and confidence in his advice due to his many years of experience. He successfully represented me in my case and I highly recommend him and the team at the O’Bryan, Baun, Karamanian law firm.

Lina A.

I was injured fishing and couldn't work. I needed help with medical bills and living expenses. Dennis O'Bryan helped me right away. All my medical bills were paid, I was awarded maintenance payments to offset my living expenses until I got back to work, and he recovered all my lost wages. I highly recommend Dennis O'Bryan at O'Bryan's Law to anyone injured at work. Let him work for you!

Fred Damer, F/V SEA PRIDE

I suffered what turned out to be a career-ending injury by slipping on an icy deck. This was due to reduced crews and company reluctance to pay the overtime necessary to maintain a safe workplace. I personally knew several other mariners who had been successfully represented by O'Bryan Baun Karamanian so I contacted them. Gary Baun handled my case and it was settled to my satisfaction through mediation without having to endure a trial. He even suggested several financial remedies I could pursue in the meantime and that was a lifesaver.

Captain Lon Calloway

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