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Portland, OR Shipping & Traffic Information

Located on the banks of the vast Willamette River and connected to both the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean itself, the Port of Portland, Oregon is one of the most important and widely-used ports for shipping into and out of both the West Coast and the American mainland as a whole. shutterstock_562037761

Portland’s prime location, connecting the Pacific Ocean to a series of central waterways known as the Columbia River System, has allowed it to grow in popularity for importing and exporting products in several vital industries. The Port is the fifth largest automobile importation gateway in the country and the third largest wheat export gateway in the world, to say nothing of the vast amounts of minerals, refined steel, heavy machinery, and more that the Port imports and exports. With four marine terminals totaling nearly 900 acres in size, the Port is home to a large number of maritime businesses including Foss Maritime Holdings, Olympic Tug & Barge, U.S. Barge, and many others.


Portland, OR Cruise Ships & Pleasure Boating

The location and setting of the Port of Portland has contributed to a boom in the pleasure boating and cruise line industries in the area as well. Cruise ships run daily from Portland to points along the Pacific Northwest, all the way up into Alaska and even stretching out into the Pacific Ocean itself. The locally-based Portland Spirit riverboat offers sightseeing tours of the city itself and the local waterways for anyone who wants to stay in town and take in the local color.

The high amount of businesses and ships passing through the Port have contributed to a high number of boating accidents, injuries, and even illnesses in the area. An incident in recent years involving a popular cruise line passing too close to civilian rowboats in Portland caused a shakeup with one of the bigger cruise ship lines, and the complicated design of the Willamette River – consisting of nearly 50 bridge crossings and more than 20 major dams – has contributed to a number of accidents and injuries among workers and pleasure boaters alike. These offshore accidents can be attributed to a number of factors, including lack of maintenance or improper traffic navigation, and they can all pose a great risk of death or injury to anyone boating in or around Portland.


Portland Maritime Lawyer & Offshore Accident Attorneys

If you have been involved in a boating accident, fallen ill on a cruise line, or been injured while working on a dock, barge, or ferry in Portland, the Jones Act attorneys of O’Bryan Law will fight for you.

Injuries can happen for any reason on the water – malfunctioning equipment, boat crashes, even improper docking procedures. If you’re injured on the water, you need a maritime lawyer who will stand up for your rights and who understands the complexities of maritime law. The O’Bryan Law Firm has recovered millions for injured seamen and boaters just like you and they have the experience and knowledge you need to get justice for the hardships you’ve suffered. Contact O’Bryan Law today and let us fight for you.

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