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Paducah Riverport Traffic & Cargo

The port of Paducah, Kentucky sits at the point where the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers meet and is a major source of water traffic through the American South and Midwest waterways. Officially referred to as the Paducah-McCracken County Riverport, the port is one of the largest and most advanced in the area. The facilities boast more than 2,300 combined feet of shoreline and feature 24/7 switching services and 100,000 tons worth of onsite storage for any cargo containers passing through the area.Port of Paducah, Kentucky

Traffic comes into Paducah from all throughout America, carrying various kinds of cargo ranging from consumer goods to industrial supplies and more. Part of Paducah’s popularity as a port of call for major shipping lines stems from its location, roughly 145 miles southwest of St. Louis, MO and about 45 river miles upriver from where the Ohio River meets the Mississippi River. Many companies have begun operating on the Paducah Riverport to take advantage of this prime location including Inland Marine Service, Bluegrass Marine, James Marine, Hunter Marine, Excell Marine Corp., Ingram Barge Co., Marquette Transportation Co., American Commercial Lines, and many others.

Paducah, KY Cruise Ships & Pleasure Boating

While there is a large amount of commercial traffic on the Paducah Riverport, it isn’t limited to strictly industrial or shipment purposes. The historic setting and location of Paducah has given rise to a large number of steamboats and cruise ships such as Delta Queen Steamboat Company that call the riverport home, travelling from Kentucky to locations like Cincinnati, Memphis, and even New Orleans in many cases. Combine this with the amount of civilian pleasure boat traffic out for some fishing or sailing and the Paducah Riverport is a popular destination for both boating professionals and thrill seekers alike.

Paducah, Kentucky Boating Accidents & Injuries

This amount of traffic, both inbound and outgoing, has led to a large number of boating accidents & boater injuries both in Paducah, and all throughout Kentucky. The layout of the riverfront includes a number of dams and these dams have contributed to injury and boating accidents for commercial and civilian boats alike. These accidents have ranged from collisions between vessels in navigation, to mechanical issues like a recent fire onboard a tugboat docked in the riverport. Between these sorts of hazards and so many boats vying for space in the waterway, the chances for accident, illness, or injury are high.

Kentucky Maritime Injury & Boating Accident Attorneys

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