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Port of New Orleans Maritime Traffic & Industries

The Port of New Orleans lies between the Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain about 180 km from the Gulf of Mexico. The Port of New Orleans is about 220 km west-southwest of the Port of Mobile in Alabama and q than 360 km east of Port Arthur in Texas. The Port of New Orleans is Louisiana’s largest city and an important deep-water port.

The center of a busy maritime community, the Port of New Orleans is one of the biggest and busiest ports in the world. It is a fundamental transportation and distribution hub for water-borne commerce, with many shipping, shipbuilding, freight forwarding, logistics and commodity brokerage companies having a presence there. The Port of New Orleans region accounts for much of the country’s oil refining and petrochemical production, as it’s home to the headquarters for multiple on- and offshore producers of natural gas and petroleum.

Over the last few decades, bulk exports from the Port of New Orleans have grown substantially. The Port of New Orleans is an important grain port for the country and the world. It also exports raw and processed agricultural products, chemicals, fabricated metals, textiles, tobacco, paperboard, petroleum and petroleum products. Since the 1980s, the Port of New Orleans has been the world’s lighter aboard ship (LASH) cargo and Seabee barge capital.

New Orleans Maritime Injuries & Offshore Accidents

Due to the intense amount of boating traffic that the port of New Orleans sees, maritime accidents can be sadly common. From the Bright Field collision back in 1996 to more recent accidents involving capsized vessels, dangerous weather, and other unsafe conditions, maritime injuries can be sadly common in New Orleans – or in Louisiana in general. 

Major maritime companies have a responsibility to keep their passengers and crew as safe as reasonably possible while the vessel is in motion, no matter what the purpose of the vessel or the voyage.

The Port of New Orleans sees traffic from many different companies, including Marquette Transportation Co., Dixie Marine, Harvey Gulf International Marine, C.F. Bean, Crescent Towing, Guidry Brothers Towing Co., Tidewater, and many others. If you’ve been injured while employed by one of these or any other maritime company, call O’Bryan.

New Orleans & Louisiana Maritime Attorneys

If you are a maritime worker in New Orleans or anywhere else on the waters of Louisiana, you are probably protected under the Jones Act and/or other federal laws, which map out the necessary steps for collecting the compensation you’re entitled to after a maritime injury. Whether you’ve been injured on a fishing boat, tanker, dredge, barge, freighter, cargo ship, pleasure boat or other type of vessel, O’Bryan Baun Karamanian will help you navigate through the murky legal waters and secure the compensation you deserve.

Headquartered in Birmingham, Michigan, we’ve practiced personal injury law as it applies to marine workers for more than 40 years, securing millions of dollars for our clients across the country. We practice exclusively in federal court, as our practice is limited to the representation of injured crew members whose rights in case of injury are governed by federal law.

The practice of federal law often involves travel, no matter how you slice it. When necessary, our attorneys or investigators will travel to discuss the details of your case with you in person. Don’t get lost in the abyss of legal complexities. For an experienced and reputable maritime lawyer, contact O’Bryan Law today so we can help you win your New Orleans maritime case.

If you’ve been injured working at one of the following maritime companies in or around New Orleans, call O’Bryan. We will represent employees against all these companies, plus many others.

  • Marquette Transportation Company
  • Harvey Gulf International Marine
  • C.F. Bean
  • Crescent Towing
  • Guidry Brothers Towing Company
  • Tidewater
  • Dixie Marine
  • Wood Dredging Company
  • Bean Dredging
  • Bisso Towboat Company
  • C & J Barge & Crane
  • Weeks Marine
  • Coastal Marine Contractors

*Dennis M. O’Bryan is enrolled to practice before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals which hears appeals from the federal district courts in Louisiana, including New Orleans. In those federal district courts in which he is not generally admitted to practice, such as New Orleans, he gains admission pro hac vice, on a case by case basis, by securing the sponsorship of a reputable local attorney. He is a member of the State Bar of Michigan, where his office is located.