Mobile, Alabama – Maritime Lawyer*

Since it’s dedication in 1982, the Port of Mobile, Alabama has served a wide variety of industries with its ability to import and export quickly to Mexico, Europe, and the rest of America. Through all of this commerce and industry, there exists the potential for accidents, injury, and death. O’Bryan Law is exactly the experienced and knowledgeable maritime injury lawyer you need if you get injured while working or playing on the water in Mobile.*

Port of Mobile Imports & Traffic

port of mobileSpanning 4,000 acres of land, the Port of Mobile is the 12th largest port in the United States and carried a trade volume of over 55 million tons in 2010. It serves as one of America’s largest importation channels for vessels travelling through the Gulf of Mexico, and is a direct route to South America for exportations of things like coal. More so than other ports, Mobile specializes in heavy industrial cargo such as elements like coal, steel, and aluminum, as well as construction materials like plywood, cement, and chemicals. Its equally diverse exportation industry sends goods as varied as iron and coal to frozen poultry and soybeans to destinations south of America.

Mobile Maritime Accidents & Injuries

Sadly, accidents can still happen no matter where you work on the water, and Mobile is no exception. A collision between an off-course shipping vessel and a train bridge over a river in 1993 caused one of the worst train accidents in American history, and accidents occur every day when loading barges whether you’re on the docks or on the boat itself. In 2013, two fuel barges caught fire during cleaning, resulting in multiple serious burns and injuries to workers onboard.

The recreational traffic up and down the Mobile River has caused any number of accidents between larger vessels and privately owned recreational and power boats as well. An accident in 2020 claimed the life of a local boater and resulted in the hospitalization of others, resulting in a manslaughter charge against one of the boat’s owners due to reckless boating in a heavily-trafficked area.

Mobile, Alabama Recreational Boating & Fishing

Mobile also offers plenty of chances to relax on the water, as well. Mobile Bay offers tons of great freshwater fishing for fishers of any experience level, with a number of fishing charters and tours waiting to take you on the water for trout and redfish. For larger vessels like yachts and sailboats, the Dog River Marina offers the perfect place to unwind on the water and store your craft when its done. And for anyone looking for a bit more excitement, several Dragon Boat leagues exist in Mobile to allow plenty of chances for racing action.

Mobile, AL Maritime Attorney

While the waters of Mobile provide plenty of work and fun for anyone seeking it, there’s always the chance for injury or illness. If you need a tough maritime lawyer to help you navigate your way to the justice and compensation you deserve, call O’Bryan Law today.

*In those federal district courts in which Dennis M. O’Bryan is not generally admitted to practice, such as in Mobile, he gains admission pro hac vice, on a case by case basis. He is a member of the State Bar of Michigan, where his office is located.