Florida – Maritime Lawyer*

It’s no surprise that the state of Florida has one of the largest maritime industries in the world. Surrounded by major bodies of water on both coasts, with large and populous cities dotting every coastline, thousands of employees work long hours to ensure the needs of Florida’s residents and industries are met. This environment can lead to accidents, and it’s important to know your rights in the event of an accident or injury. If this happens to you, O’Bryan Law will be there to help win the justice you deserve*.shutterstock_111910142

Given its location, a wide variety of maritime industries are served in Florida. Miami, for example, is considered the center of the global cruise ship industry, serving as a hub for many major cruise lines as well as an association and facility for the business itself. On the industrial side of things, many Florida companies offer international shipping through the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean, as well as facilitating large-scale freight shipments up north through America. The Gulf of Mexico is also a renowned location for offshore oil drilling, and Florida’s oil rig industry offers plenty of opportunity for employment and work in offshore fields.

But there is another side to all these opportunities for work and fun in Florida. Due to the amount of water within its borders between both the oceans and the rivers/lakes, Florida is frequently cited as the nation’s leader in boating accidents and fatalities. In 2011, a study showed a whopping 742 boating accidents causing 67 fatalities, more than any other state in America, coastal or otherwise. Florida’s oil rig industry has its share of injuries too, as the number of oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico employ residents from a high number of coastal states such as Florida, and the risk of injury is great in that business – one only needs to look at a recent Fieldwood Energy oil rig explosion or the Deepwater Horizon tragedy for evidence of this.

Luckily, there’s plenty of chances to relax on the water in Florida. Fishermen looking for adventure in the Miami area have a number of chartered fishing tours to choose from, heading out into the ocean for big game like swordfish and sailfish on a chartered yacht or tour boat. Tampa Bay offers a Speed Boat adventure taking you out into the Gulf on a high-speed powerboat to check out the local wildlife and scenery. Looking for something a bit more leisurely? Orlando offers a large number of parks on and around various inland lakes with paddleboat rentals and fishing excursions waiting for any interested traveler.

No matter what your business is in Florida, be it commercial shipping, oil rig work, or just out on some wildlife tours, there’s a lot to do on the water – and plenty of chances for accident or injury. Whatever the need, if you need a maritime lawyer or Jones Act attorney for your maritime claim, you need O’Bryan Baun Karamanian.

* Dennis M. O’Bryan is enrolled to practice before the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals which hears appeals from the federal district courts of Florida. In those federal district courts in which Dennis M. O’Bryan is not generally admitted to practice, such as in Florida, he gains admission pro hac vice, on a case by case basis, by securing the sponsorship of a reputable local attorney. He is a member of the State Bar of Michigan, where his office is located.