Cincinnati, Ohio – Maritime Lawyer*

Settled on the banks of the beautiful and vast Ohio River, Cincinnati is one of midwest America’s largest ports and sees a majority of the marine traffic heading through America en route to either coast or ports in Illinois and Pennsylvania. All this traffic means plenty of employment and relaxation – and if you need a maritime lawyer for your Jones Act claim on the Ohio River or in Cincinnati, you need O’Bryan Law.

Forming the entire 451-mile boundary of the state of Ohio, the Ohio River forms much of Ohio’s 716 miles of navigable waterways, all of which are used to great advantage. On average, 63 million tons of commodities are moved to, from, or through Ohio per year, with an average value of $7.4 billion. This is thanks to the central location of the river system, allowing it to move goods to a large number of ports and locations all over America, including areas in Chicago and farther west. And the traffic extends farther than America, too – Ohio’s River Terminals provide access to the Gulf of Mexico and the Panama Canal, allowing shipments passing through Cincinnati to flow to markets in Central America, South America, and the Pacific Ocean.

Cincinnati Maritime & Marina Accidents

Unfortunately, with this much traffic passing through the waters surrounding Cincinnati, maritime accidents are bound to happen. A recent crash between a pleasure boat and a docked commercial towboat claimed the lives of two local FBI employees, attributed to a lack of visibility on the river. The Coast Guard released a report detailing maritime accidents in Cincinnati during the year 2014, displaying an increase in boating-related deaths from 9 to 14, citing a lack of safety equipment and the influence of alcohol for the increase.

There’s plenty to enjoy in Cincinnati itself, too. Thomas Jefferson himself once called the Ohio River the “most beautiful river on earth”, and with good reason – a gentle current, clear waters, and a path typically unbroken by rocks or rapids. Every year, Cincinnati holds a celebration called Riverfest on the water encouraging boaters to travel up and down the river throughout Cincinnati to enjoy the various marinas offering food, shelter, and recreation such as live bands or dinner themes. And even when Riverfest isn’t happening, boaters, swimmers, and fishermen will still find much to do on the water in Cincinnati, with the city itself providing docking areas and water quality updates to interested boaters.

Cincinnati Maritime Lawyers

If you work on the water or live in the area, chances are high you’ll find yourself working or playing on the Ohio River near Cincinnati. No matter what your reason for boating in Cincinnati, if you are injured in a maritime accident and need a maritime lawyer in Cincinnati, O’Bryan Law will fight for the justice you deserve.

*Dennis M. O’Bryan is enrolled to practice before the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals which hears appeals from the federal district court in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kirk E. Karamanian is enrolled to practice in the federal district court in Cincinnati, Ohio, and sponsors admission for other members of the firm, pro hac vice, on a case by case basis, to practice in said court. Dennis M. O’Bryan is a member of the State Bar of Michigan, where his office is located.