INFOGRAPHIC: Boating Accident Statistics 2015

Boating accidents are a serious, tragic, and unfortunately common occurrence on the seas today. With pleasure boating, commercial vessels, and offshore rigs all competing for the same space, accidents like collisions between boats and boaters falling overboard are an increasingly frequent sight.

There are any number of causes of these accidents, and they can affect people in a number of different ways. We here at O’Bryan Law have gathered these facts and statistics for maritime accidents in America for 2015, and what might have caused them:

O'Bryan Law Boating Accident Infographic 2015


As the graph indicates, Florida has the highest concentration of accidents, due to the amount of maritime business that passes through the various ports of Florida, as well as the large number of oil rig injuries and cruise ship injuries that the area sees. California and New York are the second- and third-highest amount of accidents, but Florida still leads by a wide margin.

Alcohol consumption is one of the highest contributors to boating accidents, as well as improperly following safety procedures like wearing a lifejacket and maintaining a safe distance and speed around the larger vessels that crowd our waterways.

If you’ve been a victim of any of these accidents and you need a maritime lawyer, contact O’Bryan Law today.