Unseaworthiness Lawyers

What Is Unseaworthiness?

Every worker, no matter where their job takes them, deserves a safe environment to make their wages in. This is doubly true in the case of maritime work, where the job hazards are numerous and the risk for injury or illness as a result of unsafe workplaces is high.

American maritime law provides a special doctrine for unseaworthy vessels that is a separate and distinct theory of liability outside of the Jones Act, the defining body of maritime law in America. Unseaworthiness means that any given aspect of a vessel, her equipment, or even her crew is not reasonably fit for its intended purposes. This can arise from the vessel having insufficient manpower for a task, defective equipment, damage to the vessel itself, or any unsafe condition onboard that poses an unreasonable threat to the safety of the crew. In the eyes of the law, any unsafe condition aboard a vessel can contribute to unseaworthiness; the vessel does not have to sink or be inoperable for the law to consider it unseaworthy.

What Can I Do If I Am Injured By An Unseaworthy Vessel?unseaworthiness

Regardless of whether or not the vessel’s owner is aware of any unsafe conditions aboard their vessel, if a worker is injured by unseaworthy conditions the vessel owner is responsible for these injuries. Understaffed crew, poor conditions, employer negligence that creates an unsafe condition – whatever the reason, if a worker is hurt by a vessel that is found to be unfit for use, the responsibility lies with the owner of the vessel for not maintaining safe conditions aboard the vessel.

If you have been injured while working on the water, and you think the injury is due to an unseaworthy condition aboard the vessel, you should contact a maritime attorney immediately. Many shipowners will attempt to settle out of court for an insulting amount, or prevent you from seeking justice through agreements that stack the deck against the injured party. Before signing any paperwork or contacting your employer, you need the help of a lawyer.

Can O’Bryan Law Help Me?

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