Importance of Hiring a Maritime Attorney an Accident in a Tugboat, Supply Boat or Container Ship

Accidents in marine vessels are not a rare occurrence. There are so many unexpected things that can happen while out in the sea, which is why crew members always need to practice safety precautions when they are on board. Boats that have heavy machinery come with a significantly higher risk. Aside from the typical maritime risks of slipping on a wet deck or being thrown overboard during a storm, heavy machinery adds greatly to the possible things that could go wrong on the vessel.

maritime accident

In Houston Texas, for instance, there have been a notable number of injuries arising from accidents in tugboats and oil supply boats. In Long Beach, California, accidents on board container ships are not unheard of either.

If you ever get injured from an accident in these boats, the good news is that you have every right to file a legal claim for compensation. Regardless of the cause of the injury, whether it is negligence or human error, mechanical failure, unseaworthy equipment, or an act of God, you can seek the assistance of a maritime lawyer in order to receive the just compensation that you deserve.

Do I Really Need a Maritime Injury Lawyer?

The quick answer to this question is yes, you definitely need to hire a competent maritime attorney if you get injured from a boat accident. Technically, any kind of lawyer can represent you if you file a compensation case. But the question is whether that lawyer has enough knowledge of the intricacies of maritime law to be able to get you the maximum compensation for the injuries that you have sustained.

What Is a Jones Act Lawyer?

A Jones Act lawyer is the best kind of maritime attorney that you can hire if you have suffered from a maritime accident. The Jones Act is a set of maritime laws that give seamen the right to file charges against their employer in case they suffer an accident while doing their job on board the vessel. Thus, a Jones Act lawyer is a maritime attorney who is very well versed in these particular laws and will be able to help you get maximum damages.

What Are the Common Accidents on Tugboats?

Tugboats are typically smaller than the average vessel and are usually cramped with equipment. These machineries are among the top reasons why accidents occur in these boats. If any of the equipment undergoes mechanical failure, it can have dangerous consequences.

The diminutive size of tugboats also makes them rather vulnerable to collisions in the water. Sometimes they are not easily visible to larger ships. They also usually have to pass narrow and heavily trafficked waterways. The slightest errors or miscalculations can result in serious collisions.

What Are the Common Accidents on Oil Patch Supply Boats?

Offshore oil rigs can be very risky environments because there is a lot of heavy machinery involved. They are also usually located in remote locations and in order to get to them, one would have to traverse very rough seas. The turbulent surroundings make it very risky for the crew of these boats. The flammable nature of the cargo of these ships also makes them prone to fires and explosions. A single explosion can easily trigger another, especially on a boat that is fully loaded with oil barrels.

In Houston, there are several oil drilling facilities, some of which are located as far as 100 miles offshore. Because of the high volume of oil patch supply boats that travel from these rigs to the port and back, there is also a high occurrence of accidents. If you work in any of these vessels and get into an accident of any kind, be sure to get in touch with a maritime injury lawyer right away so that you can fight for your rights as an employee.

What Are the Common Accidents on Container Vessels?

The sinking of container ships is not a very common occurrence but it still does happen even with the modern maritime technology that is in use today. In 2021, for instance, 49 container ships in different locations sank to the bottom of the ocean. Crew members that are on board a container vessel that is about to sink face the risk of drowning.

But sinking is quite rare. In more ordinary settings, container ship workers will always have to face the dangers of walking around on a slippery deck, injuries while lifting cargo manually, prolonged exposure to chemicals in enclosed environments, and machinery-related accidents. If you figure in any of these accidents and end up with even minor injuries, you can sue for damages.

How Do I Choose the Right Maritime Injury Lawyer?

There are thousands of maritime attorneys in the United States that you can hire but not all of them will be equally effective in representing your case. When looking for a lawyer to help you claim compensation for your maritime-related injuries, you need to pick one that is well-versed in the particular kind of accident that has happened to you.

It is also crucial to consider the location of where the accident has taken place. Certain states could have specific requirements that out-of-state lawyers might not be familiar with. For example, if you were on board a container ship in Long Island, California, you should pick a lawyer that is experienced in handling maritime injury cases in this area. If you were working on a tugboat along the rivers of Houston, a Texas-based maritime attorney might be able to serve you best.

Why Choose O’Bryan Maritime Lawyers?

Here at O’Bryan Law, we have a highly competent team of maritime lawyers who are experts in the Jones Act and other maritime laws. Over the years, we have helped our clients claim millions of dollars worth of damages. We provide no less than superior quality of representation and we fight to ensure that you get the just compensation that you deserve.